Official Announcement from Matt Dean:

Today I am announcing that I am discontinuing my campaign for governor and enthusiastically throwing my full support to Jeff Johnson.

My campaign began July 11th when I announced my candidacy alongside 300 friends and supporters at McCarron’s bar on Rice Street. I focused on people.

We then headed to the state fair. For twelve days, we listened, and I decided I needed to hear more. The next day, I headed out on the road, traveling to all 87 counties in 87 days.

I’m glad I did. You get a chance to talk to a lot of people you might not see otherwise … but more important you get a chance to listen to people. I wouldn’t trade those 87 days for anything I’ve ever done politically.

It was the right decision for me. In part because of that effort, I won the straw poll at State Central in December.

As we now turn toward caucuses, we must focus our efforts on November. In 2018, we must move forward so that our candidate can quickly scale up with the coalitions and resources necessary to win the general election. To that end, after prayerful consideration and discussion with my family, I decided to suspend my campaign, and support Jeff.

I am so proud of all of the volunteer efforts from so many grassroots activists and friends. I am also proud of the integrity, and civility with which our volunteers carried our message to represent our campaign and party.

Jeff is by far the superior candidate in the rest of the Republican field. He has the dignity and judgment and conservative values to be a governor we will be proud of. And he has the political chops to get elected.

He lost the last election by just a few points. I’m confident he’s going win the office this year. And he has my support to get it done.