Matt Dean Announces his Campaign for Minnesota Governor

  1. PAUL, MN (04/27/17) – Matt Dean today announced that he will be a republican candidate for Governor in the 2018 election. He announced his candidacy in an emailed letter to party activists and other thought leaders throughout Minnesota.

First elected in 2004, Dean represents District 38B in Minnesota’s House of Representatives, which includes northeast metro communities of White Bear Lake, White Bear Township, North Oaks, Dellwood and Hugo. Dean served as House majority leader from 2011-2013.

As chair of the House’s Health and Human Services Finance Committee, Dean has been a tireless opponent of Mark Dayton’s blunder of making Minnesota a “first-in” participant in Obamacare. “Minnesota had the most to lose of any state in the disastrous medical experiment called Obamacare,” Dean said. “I will work to make our state the first of 50 states to get out. Let’s kill and bury MNsure and go back to doing healthcare the Minnesota way.”

“My number one priority will be to reconnect our great healthcare providers with their grateful patients,” he added.

Dean also pledged to ease the burdens on farmers, miners and manufacturers. “For more than a century, Minnesota has derived its prosperity from harvesting, manufacturing and healing people,” Dean said. “Unfortunately, Minnesota’s job creators have been hounded and harassed by an administration that treats our farmers and miners like wrongdoers and polluters.”

Dean said his campaign was driven by a need to make Minnesota a state that works for everyone – not just those protected by the government, unions or high-priced lobbyists. Dean stressed the need to deliver the state back to the people. “A woman named Katie from Hugo put it best. ‘Politicians keep taking the state back from one another and we never get it.’”

“I’m running to change that,” Dean said, citing his experience as an architect and a legislator. He pointed to his reputation as a creative problem solver. “I am a proud conservative and I will work to solve our challenges by empowering people and getting government out of the way when we don’t need it. Where we do need it, we will make it smaller, more effective and friendly.”

Dean was born on the Iron Range, in Ely, and grew up in the Rice Street area of St. Paul’s east side. Dean met his wife, Laura, in kindergarten at McCarron’s Lake Elementary School.

Today, Laura is a nationally-recognized Obstetrician who has delivered thousands of babies and cared for their moms and grandmas. She is also a dedicated GOP grassroots activist, having served on the State Central Committee and as a delegate to many party conventions, including the 2016 GOP National Convention.

Matt and Laura are currently raising a sixth generation of Deans in the northeast metro. Marta is a sophomore at the University of Minnesota-Crookston, Jack is a freshman at St. Thomas and Jane is an eighth grader.

Dean, who quietly added over 40,000 miles to his odometer campaigning with House candidates last year, pledged to be a tireless campaigner. “The people of this state deserve an honest debate about our future,” he said. “I’ve enjoyed helping others across the state run in red, blue and purple districts. Make no mistake, I’m running to win in November of 2018.”


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