Minnesota remains a great place to live, work, and raise a family, but the economic opportunities that were there for me and you will not be there for our children and theirs, unless we act now. Minnesota was once known for our ability to make just about anything. Today, those jobs are being done in other states and countries. How can this be?

Our workforce is strong and we have world-class rail, water and airports. The answer is this: For almost eight years, our government has confronted the private sector with high taxes and a suffocating bureaucracy of regulators. They malign the good people in lumber, mining and agriculture as wrongdoers and polluters. The Mayo Clinic, University of Minnesota, Medtronic and other great places in our state set the world standard for excellence in healthcare. How can it be that we are now following Obamacare bureaucrats instead of leading our country and the world in healthcare? As Chair of the Health and Human Services Committee, I have worked every day to restore William Mayo’s mission to make “the best interest of the patient the only interest of consideration.” Minnesota had the most to lose of any state in the disastrous medical experiment called Obamacare.

Governor Dayton made a mistake in making our state the first one in, and I will work to make our state the first of fifty to get out. We can do better. We are a great state because we are a good people. Politicians often get that backward. The state government needs to do fewer things, and needs to do those things better. Our challenges are great, but they are small in comparison to those faced and overcome by the great Minnesotans who built this state for you and me. That’s why I’m running for governor. With strength of purpose, let’s all work together toward restoring the birth right of hope to Minnesota’s next and greatest generation.

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