ST. PAUL, MN (12/18/17) – Following his victory in the Republican Party State Central Committee straw poll, Representative Matt Dean visited with several of the conservative talk radio shows across Minnesota. During his time on the programs, Dean shared his vision for where Minnesota can go, as well as highlights from the trail, including wrapping up his 87 County tour.


The Justice Hour with Andrew Parker – Matt joins at the 15:00 minute mark (December 17th)

Northern Alliance Radio with Mitch Berg – Matt joins at the 3:00 minute mark (December 9th)

Up and at’Em with Jack and Ben – Matt joins at the 21:00 minute mark (December 7th)

Justice and Drew – Matt joins at the 14:00 minute mark of hour 2 (December 6th)

Northern Alliance Radio with Brad Carlson – Matt joins at the 34:00 minute mark (December 3rd)


“I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to visit with our friends in conservative talk radio here in Minnesota,” said Dean. “So often we find that our print and television media are biased against our ideas and solutions, simply because they don’t end with government making the decision for us. Fortunately, we are able to turn to talk radio for the chance to have our voices heard in an open and fair venue and I am glad that I have been able to participate over the last few weeks.”