White Bear Lake – (1/8/18)


Representative Matt Dean, the leading Republican candidate for Governor, signed The Taxpayers League of Minnesota’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge today, becoming the first and only candidate to do so, representing his strong support of the hard-working Minnesotans who pay the government’s bills. Dean’s signing of the pledge clearly demonstrates his commitment to overtaxed and over regulated Minnesotans facing the fatigue associated with our state’s large and rapidly growing government. By signing, Dean made a ‘pledge to the taxpayers of Minnesota that I will oppose any and all efforts to increase taxes.’


“Our government takes more than it needs, already,” Dean said. “It’s time that the focus is placed upon the health of the people of our working Minnesota middle class, rather than upon the health of the government. It’s the people of our state that make this economy go and grow and we need to respect and encourage them, rather than punish and abuse them,” Dean said.


Lastly, Dean offered encouragement to the rest of the candidates for governor to follow his lead. “The message that I have received from Minnesotans is that we need a state that works for them, rather than one that works against them. That means that we need to have the government take less from them, rather than more – and to do things for them, rather than to them. This is the direction that Minnesotans are yearning for – and I urge the other candidates for governor to extend the same respect for the people that make our state go – and to sign the pledge, as well.”